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Make Saving Simple

Intentionally designed 401(k) plans for businesses of any size. Made to be simple, transparent, and straightforward.

Set up a retirement plan for your business in under 15 minutes that avoids expensive asset-based fees, boosting your employees' savings.

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Administrative Features

We made 401(k) plans seriously easy, so you can focus on running your business.

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unchecked circle Payroll integration
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We manage everything—from your 401(k) balance to compliance—in-house, so you can get access to your records, faster and easier.

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“The idea that we can provide a future, forward-looking service like a 401(k) plan has been really important in recruitment.”

Halley Chambers & Kip Green

Co-Founders, Margot

Don’t Wait Any Longer to Start Building Wealth for You and Your Employees.

Get started today by answering a few simple questions about your business, and our retirement specialists will help you build your company's 401(k) retirement plan. 

No Fees = More Savings

When businesses offer a Penelope 401(k), they ensure their employees can invest more of their hard-earned money. Penelope doesn’t charge asset-under-management fees, so employees can save as much as 40%* more for their retirement.

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Take Advantage of Tax Benefits

SECURE 2.0 Act introduced a range of tax credits that make 401(k) plans more affordable for businesses. 

As a business, you may qualify for a tax credit that covers 100% of your plan start-up costs and employer match. These tax credits can add up to $16,500* and are available for three years.

*Please consult with your accountant for personalized financial advice.

401(k) Plans Shouldn’t be so Complicated

Penelope makes it easier for businesses to provide 401(k) plans. Our turnkey systems are easy to implement and automate, and we handle all your compliance needs.


Plan Features

Plan Features

Starter 401(k)

Safe Harbor 401(k)

Payroll Integration

Recordkeeping & Custodial Services

3(16) Fiduciary Services

5500 Filings

Compliance Support

Auto Enrollment

Rollover Support

Pre-tax & Roth Contributions

Dedicated Support


Employer Contributions


Customizable Plan Design


Profit Sharing


Affordable Retirement Plans
for Businesses of all Sizes

No one should get a cut of your retirement.

Save an average of $200,000* more with a Penelope plan thanks to our predictable and transparent pricing.

Starter 401(k)


A simple and affordable 401(k) option for small businesses to offer their employees.

  • $6,000 annual contribution limit

$49/mo subscription fee

+$3 per active employee/month

No hidden or transactional fees!

Safe Harbor 401(k)


A cost-effective 401(k) for small businesses that want to help employees save more.

  • $23,000 annual contribution limit

$125/mo subscription fee

+$8 per active employee/month

No hidden or transactional fees!

Not sure which plan is best for your business?

Connect with our retirement specialists for a complimentary call to find the best plan for you and your employees.