Turnkey Retirement Plans

With Penelope, you no longer have to worry about the hassle of fiduciary responsibilities that once made it difficult for TPAs to offer retirement services.

Create co-branded retirement plan options, powered by our cutting-edge technology, to provide your clients with best-in-class health and wealth options.

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Best-in-Class Technology

Complexity has been the enemy of many third parties offering retirement plans. In the past, TPAs and advisors looking to enter the retirement market were forced to build their own back-end systems to manage the plans, which often could not keep up with new regulations or changing client needs.

As your digital recordkeeper on a modern technology platform, Penelope provides agile, flexible, and ever-evolving solutions that can be customized for your own clients.

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Streamlined Reporting & Compliance

Processes that have long discouraged health-focused benefit administrators from offering retirement services don't exist when you partner with Penelope.

You manage your client relationships, and we’ll handle all the recordkeeping and compliance needs. 

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Meet All Your Client’s Needs

Employers are seeking a one-stop shop for all their benefits needs. By partnering with Penelope, you can round out your offerings to include a best-in-class 401(k) plan that’s easy to use and affordable. 

Employees expect benefits that address both their health and their wealth. 

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Penelope is turnkey but not one-size-fits-all.

Penelope’s scalable pricing and servicing options for white-label plans can be tailored specifically to your business, with billing and back-end functions managed behind the scenes.